Collective enterprises put people at the heart of their business. They are driven by values ​​of inclusion, participation, respect for individuals and the environment. Their social missions and their consistency make them sustainable and prosperous companies, while remaining local businesses that meet a community need and reinvest in their communities, where we really need them. Learn about the different personality traits of the social economy, a people-centred economy!


A local economy

Anchored in their communities, social economy businesses meet essential community needs and reinvest their wealth locally, helping to promote local commerce.

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A sustainable economy

This term “sustainable” is often associated with the environment. In fact, for several companies, ecology and green initiatives is the basis of their missions and results. However, beyond the ecological dimension, sustainable development also involves social and economic dimensions. Social economy enterprises meet the needs of the community in a long-term dimension which adapts to many global issues.

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An inclusive economy

A place for you! There is an inclusion of all genders, ages, and ethnic and cultural backgrounds. A large number of social economy enterprises also have missions to integrate or reintegrate people with disabilities or with a different background.

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A participatory economy

Through the social economy, we contribute to the economy much more than by consuming goods and services! Legal forms specific to collective enterprises provide ways of participating in the management of the company, in its decisions and orientations, for the entire population.

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A thriving economy

11,200 social economy enterprises generate revenues of nearly $48 billion across Quebec. They create collective wealth and invest in OUR communities, while placing people and the organization’s mission at the heart of their business activities.

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